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What are currently struggling with?

I spend way too much time working on marketing my business online and would love to be able to just automate everything2020-08-31T08:09:09+07:00

That does sound wonderful and we can automate quite a lot of things like your traffic funnel and your lead nurturing funnel but no online business is truly, completely passive. Having said that, if you want someone to set it up for you and report to your once a week with updates on performance, issues, changes, etc then give me a shout.

My website’s getting visitors but nobody’s buying!2020-08-31T08:05:14+07:00

Yep, this can be really frustrating, especially after you’ve done such a good job getting targeted traffic to your website… right?

*Targeted* traffic is the keyword here (no pun intended) – there are a couple of things you can test and fix to improve conversions (get more people to buy) on your website.. the first of which is to make sure you aren’t attracting a load of uninterested and random people to your site from sources that have a lot of traffic but not the type of audience you’re trying to sell to.

Once we’ve verified that you’re actually attracting the right people to your website, we’d then dig a little deeper to see if the layout, design and responsiveness of your website is throwing people off.

Got a website but can’t seem to enough traffic.2020-08-31T07:57:35+07:00

Ok, I’m guessing the first thing you tried was SEO.

If you HAVEN’T, then that explains why you aren’t getting enough traffic, its because you don’t have a solid offsite SEO (link-building) strategy in place.

If you HAVE already tried SEO or have someone helping you with SEO and aren’t seeing your traffic slowly increase each month, then something’s wrong, maybe its time you re-evaluate where your SEO budget is actually going.

Trying to market a new product /service on a shoe-string budget2020-08-31T07:50:44+07:00

I get it, you would be surprised by how many times I’ve been asked to help launch product launch campaigns on a shoe-string budget.

The good news is this can be done relatively easily if you’ve already built up an audience online or if you have access to potential customer groups where you are an active member.

Starting from scratch? no website, no audience, no brand? The quickest way to get feedback currently in the most cost-effective manner is Facebook ads. Having, said that though, this tactic works for only certain kinds of businesses – if you’re selling a high-ticket product / service with a typically longer sales process then we might need to try something else 🙂