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Manychat – The Quickest Way To Build A Facebook Messenger Bot

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in marketing your business online is to spend loads of money on paid ads driving traffic to a site that just doesn’t convert!

Click through rates/ conversions on most websites these days range between 2% – 5% but a poor website architecture or poor user interface would mean you’re converting traffic into sales at less than 2% on average.

The stats aren’t encouraging unless you’re driving thousands of visitors to your site or highly targeted traffic to your site. This is one reason why email marketing has always been powerful with higher click-through rates and conversion rates… meaning more sales at the same cost or lower.

While email marketing is still very effective, now, you can take one step further to maximize your ROI by using chatbots for your business.

Here’s a snapshot of how chatbots stack up against websites and email marketing…



ManyChat Chatbot

When it comes to chatbots, ManyChat has dominated the space since it first rolled out in 2015. I remember it being very interesting but clunky to use back then… its safe to say that a lot has changed since.

With Manychat, you can:

  • Automate messages to screen and segment customers through Facebook Messenger
  • Create message sequences (just like with emails) to nurture leads on Facebook or follow up
  • Store audiences and broadcast messages to certain segments
  • Use lead magnets to collect emails or sell customized products
  • and loads more…

I’m going to cover all of the features, tools and use cases for chatbots in this blog post, feel free to click on any of the links below if you want to skip straight to a particular section!

  1. Getting Started – Connect Manychat With Your Facebook Page
  2. Manychat Growth Tools – Starting Conversations
  3. Creating Your Main Menu
  4. Using The Flow Builder
  5. What You Get With The Pro Version

Getting Started – Connect ManyChat With Your Facebook Page

To get started, head over to their website and create your free ManyChat account.

Signing up is super easy and ManyChat prompts you to connect your existing Facebook Page in the registration steps, if you don’t have a Facebook Business/Fan Page already setup, click on “create page” to quickly create one and then continue to setup your ManyChat account, all you have to do is follow the guided instructions.



If you somehow skipped this step, you can always just login and connect your page from the dashboard.


Once you’ve connected your Facebook Page, its time to dive into the features and create your first chatbot.

Manychat has loads of features and can look intimidating at first but don’t stress, it’s really not complicated. However, we do need to get clear on what each feature means before we start creating, so here’s a quick explanation for each feature to make it easier for you to use…

  1. Audience – This is a section for managing everyone who’s interacted with your bot, you can segment people into different groups and create broadcast messages.
  2. Livechat – This is where you can chat with people (take over where the bot left off). You can keep track of “open” conversations and either reply directly to them from this section or assign the conversations to team members.
  3. Growth tools – These are customizable, widegets, forms, pop-ups and urls you can use to trigger conversations people can have with your bot
  4. Broadcasting – This feature allows you to broadcast messages to your bot subscribers via messenger, sms or email.
  5. Automation – This section houses all your automated messages, you can create automations that are triggered when someone comments on a post with a specific keyword or replies to a message with a specific keword, you can trigger automations based on certain rules or even connect several flows into automations. “Sequences” allows you to create a drip sequence (similar to drip email sequences) that sends out messages every couple of minutes, hours, or days.
  6. Flows – This allows you to construct a thread of messages based on conditions as you would normally do with email sequences.
  7. Settings – This is where you add members to your team, manage your billing, integrations, etc. You can also clone your bot or create a bot template here.

ManyChat Growth Tools – Starting Conversations

Growth tools offer different ways for you to start a conversation with someone on your website, landing page or with someone who just clicked on a link or button. There are several ways to do this and a couple of neat widget you can easily setup to get conversations started.

The Growth tool I find myself using the most is the Messenger Ref Url which basically allows you to share a link that triggers the conversation when someone clicks on it. Take that link and add to a button and you can open up a conversation with anyone at any point of time from literally anywhere… as long as they click on the button ofcourse!


The “Main Menu” is basically like a conversation map for anyone who interacts with your chatbot for the first time. It’s almost like the main menu on your website but doesn’t need to be exactly the same (unless that’s what you want) – you can completely customize it to the specific goal you’re trying to achieve or campaign you want to push on social media.

Questions to ask yourself…

What are the routes you want to take someone down? Do you want to direct them to your shop? services? a specific page on your website? Do you want to start a conversation to dig out pain points, challenges, needs, etc?

Your Welcome Message

Using The Manychat Flow Builder

The Flow builder makes it easier to visualize and create conversations that lead people from being information seeking strangers to hot leads and buying customers.

What’s great is that once you finish creating a “flow” or conversation thread that you’re happy with, you can do test runs and even share the flow as an image or a live link with your team, clients or anyone else.

If you ever get stuck or can’t figure out the right way to do something on ManyChat, they’ve got an entire library of video tutorials on YouTube for you to check out, so make sure you take a look, it might give you even better ideas to truly leverage your chatbot’s potential and run some interesting experiments.

What You Get With The Pro Version

My Favorite part about Manychat (apart from the great user interface) is the pricing. You get almost the entire array of features with the free plan, the pro plan includes just 1 to 3 other more advanced features (like JSON feeds) which are great to have as you grow but not necessary if you’re just getting started.

Manychat Pricing

As much as I love using ManyChat, I feel like I wouldn’t do justice to this post without mentioning some other chatbot platforms as well.

Other Facebook Messenger chatbot platforms: 

  • Chatfuel – Also, worth trying, second to none, other than ManyChat.
  • Sequel – Never tried it myself but have heard great reviews, it has a game bot that looks interesting
  • Botsify – Bots for Facebook, website, slack, checkbox plugin and the ability to reply to comments through messenger


Now go test it out!

If you’ve read this blog post, seen the value in setting up chatbots then half the battle is won.

The other half of the battle is figuring out how to fit chatbots into your current digital marketing strategy to get more customers, grow sales and hit a higher ROI from your marketing efforts… and that’s the harder part.

However, whether you’re struggling to set up chatbots for your business or whether you’re wondering how to incorporate chatbots in your digital marketing strategy, I’ve got your back. So don’t be shy and get in touch.

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